Yesterday at 2:00 pm, I arrived at the Galileo Academy Of Science And Technology, and conducted the company's first Heart lecture.  The class consisted of eight 12th grad students.  As expected, students were extremely challenged by the nomenclature, anatomy, and modified cardiectomy procedure.  Students received visual aids in the form of color printed handouts and anatomical models were used during the lecture.  To lower their anxiety, we practiced the Two Handed Knot Tie during the remaining 20 minutes of class.  In all, students feel better prepared for 09/27/12 Heart wet lab than they did prior to Wednesday's lecture.  



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11/11/2016 7:24am

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    Mr. Pease is a native San Franciscan born at UCSF on June 12.  He has both declarative & procedural knowledge of the biopharmaceutical industry & the organ/tissue procurement industry.  Mr. Pease was chosen to perform a historic first modified cardiectomy with Dr. Charles V. Wetli and CryoLife, Inc. 


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