Just handed out certificates of participation to the 9 students that were part of my Human Tissue Banking pilot program. Got some very constructive feedback from both the students and instructors. The cardiovascular and corneal wet labs will begin early April 2012 and the fundraiser is scheduled for June 29, 2012 @ San Francisco State University. Today was a great day!



06/17/2015 3:01am

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It is very important for the society to give the opportunities to the needy people who have the talent that they can change the future of the society.


Pilot program certificate is a great program for students. It great that some of students get opportunity to know little bit about pilot and in future they can be very handy for the society.

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Congratulations to these nine students who were able to pass the challenge of Human Tissue Banking pilot program. I know how rewarding it is to finally see your certificate as a sign that you finally made it. These 9 students are now prepared to enter the world they chose. I hope nothing but the best for them! I know they can manage to make it there, though we all know it'll be a challenging one!

07/11/2017 11:49am

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