Students at the Galileo Academy Of Science & Technology successfully completed the adult peripheral nerve (sciatic) repair 101 wet lab.  

I had a great meeting with Dr. Eddie Moore (Director of Diversity), the Director of Science and Dr. Larry Weiss (Head of School) at Brooklyn Friends School in NY. 
AP ALLOGRAFT!!!! — at Brooklyn Friends School.

I had an excellent & informative meeting with Mr. Tom Donely (Science Chair) at Sidwell Friends School on February 15, 2013 @ 1:00 pm EST.  Thank you Wendy Dominic Wilkinson for making the introduction! 

On November 28, 2012, I traveled to Phoenix, AZ were the staff at Biological Resource Center provided me with a whole male cadaver, surgical instruments and miscellaneous resources.  In addition, the company's anatomist assisted me in the entire procurement & dissection process.  In addition, Sam (Anatomist) video tapped & photographed the various segments of the wet lab.  

The wet lab consisted of the following:

1. Adult Cardiectomy Procedure
2. Adult Modified Cardiectomy Dissection Procedure
3. Sciatic Nerve Dissection and Coaptation Repair Procedure
4. Soft Tissue Procurement
5. Upper Extremity Bone Procurement
6. Lower Extremity Bone Procurement 
7. Identified the Greater Saphenous Vein
8. Identified the Femoral Artery & Vein

Biological Resource Center's assistance has been invaluable to me during this process. 

Today (09/27/12), I conducted the adult human heart dissection lab with eight 12th grade students at the Galileo Academy Of Science And Technology. Students successfully dissected and identified the following tissues: 1. atria 2. left & right ventricles 3. mitral valve 4. tricuspid valve 5. aortic valve 6. pulmonic valve 7. aortic artery 
8. pulmonary artery

Yesterday at 2:00 pm, I arrived at the Galileo Academy Of Science And Technology, and conducted the company's first Heart lecture.  The class consisted of eight 12th grad students.  As expected, students were extremely challenged by the nomenclature, anatomy, and modified cardiectomy procedure.  Students received visual aids in the form of color printed handouts and anatomical models were used during the lecture.  To lower their anxiety, we practiced the Two Handed Knot Tie during the remaining 20 minutes of class.  In all, students feel better prepared for 09/27/12 Heart wet lab than they did prior to Wednesday's lecture.  

Ok, here is the KPFA radio interview w/ JR (00:08:20). Correction, the prefix Allo - other and Auto - self. This was my first radio interview! Man, I was a little nervous. Take a listen and thank you for the support. 
On 08/08/12, Mr. Orpheus Crutchfield (Founder/President) of BEFOIT (Berkeley Educational Foundation For Opportunities In Information Technology) invited me to UC Berkeley to give an introductory presentation, of AP ALLOGRAFT, to 25 high school students from various schools in the Bay Area. Students were very receptive to the tactile exercises, visual aids and the overall presentation. Students received an AP ALLOGRAFT brochure to give to their lead science instructor at their respective school. Please visit the testimonial section on the Home Page to review various student comments.

Ocular Class at the Galileo Academy Of Science And Technology.

Just handed out certificates of participation to the 9 students that were part of my Human Tissue Banking pilot program. Got some very constructive feedback from both the students and instructors. The cardiovascular and corneal wet labs will begin early April 2012 and the fundraiser is scheduled for June 29, 2012 @ San Francisco State University. Today was a great day!

On Feb 22, 2012 I conducted a humerus procurement class with 10 Galileo Academy Of Science And Technology students. Students learned how to dictate a whole humeral procurement via understanding the various planes (Sagittal, Transverse and Coronal) and the difference btw/ superior & inferior positions. Students did a great job identifying the following: a. Acromion process b. Coracoid process c. Coronal plane d. Radial collateral ligament e. Ulnar Collateral ligament f. Triceps brachia tendon


    Imhotep Akili Pease

    Mr. Pease is a native San Franciscan born at UCSF on June 12.  He has both declarative & procedural knowledge of the biopharmaceutical industry & the organ/tissue procurement industry.  Mr. Pease was chosen to perform a historic first modified cardiectomy with Dr. Charles V. Wetli and CryoLife, Inc. 


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