On November 28, 2012, I traveled to Phoenix, AZ were the staff at Biological Resource Center provided me with a whole male cadaver, surgical instruments and miscellaneous resources.  In addition, the company's anatomist assisted me in the entire procurement & dissection process.  In addition, Sam (Anatomist) video tapped & photographed the various segments of the wet lab.  

The wet lab consisted of the following:

1. Adult Cardiectomy Procedure
2. Adult Modified Cardiectomy Dissection Procedure
3. Sciatic Nerve Dissection and Coaptation Repair Procedure
4. Soft Tissue Procurement
5. Upper Extremity Bone Procurement
6. Lower Extremity Bone Procurement 
7. Identified the Greater Saphenous Vein
8. Identified the Femoral Artery & Vein

Biological Resource Center's assistance has been invaluable to me during this process. 


    Imhotep Akili Pease

    Mr. Pease is a native San Franciscan born at UCSF on June 12.  He has both declarative & procedural knowledge of the biopharmaceutical industry & the organ/tissue procurement industry.  Mr. Pease was chosen to perform a historic first modified cardiectomy with Dr. Charles V. Wetli and CryoLife, Inc. 


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