Just handed out certificates of participation to the 9 students that were part of my Human Tissue Banking pilot program. Got some very constructive feedback from both the students and instructors. The cardiovascular and corneal wet labs will begin early April 2012 and the fundraiser is scheduled for June 29, 2012 @ San Francisco State University. Today was a great day!

On Feb 22, 2012 I conducted a humerus procurement class with 10 Galileo Academy Of Science And Technology students. Students learned how to dictate a whole humeral procurement via understanding the various planes (Sagittal, Transverse and Coronal) and the difference btw/ superior & inferior positions. Students did a great job identifying the following: a. Acromion process b. Coracoid process c. Coronal plane d. Radial collateral ligament e. Ulnar Collateral ligament f. Triceps brachia tendon

Human Peripheral Nerve (Sciatic) Allograft microsurgical wet lab with 9 students at the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology in San Francisco, CA. This is one of four classes designed to expose students to the human tissue banking industry.


    Imhotep Akili Pease

    Mr. Pease is a native San Franciscan born at UCSF on June 12.  He has both declarative & procedural knowledge of the biopharmaceutical industry & the organ/tissue procurement industry.  Mr. Pease was chosen to perform a historic first modified cardiectomy with Dr. Charles V. Wetli and CryoLife, Inc. 


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